My name is Mitch. You’ve likely read one of my sales letters or purchased programs that I’ve designed. Like the Awakened Millionaire Academy or the Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification. 

There’s plenty I’m proud of.  For example, my collaborations with my dear friend Joe Vitale. 

Technically I’m one of his publishers, but “technically” doesn’t mean anything to either me or Joe. We’re both improvisers, adventurers, weirdos, musicians, dreamers, lovers of life.  We have a name for these “sessions” –  Popcorning.  New York and Texas, hanging out, building from inspiration.

Bottom line: I hate business as usual in this industry.  I hate what it stands for and what it means for you.  I hate that we’ve let you down.  

It’s time to disrupt, to elevate, and to carve new paths for you, to you, with you.  It’s time to bring the soul back to personal development.

Welcome to Project 2.0

This is the 2.0 Experience:

We're your support team for life's great adventure

Whether it’s our presence in the community, our ways of holding you accountable, our commitment to you expressing your true voice with open ears, the ability to speak with us, the ways we create experiences for you, the fascinating guides we find for you, or our simple devotion to your lifetime journey, we are here for you.  And it won’t cost extra.

We want you to find your own authentic voice and your own unique path

Celebrate your unique voice and path in a community of individuals. There is no one right path to your dreams.  There is only your path.  We want to help you find and explore your way… not our way and not that guru’s way either.

A completely new way to learning from “experts”

We will find people whose name you might recognize but come to you and our community with a mandate: they must create a growth experience for you in a way they’ve never done before… and you’ve never experienced before.  They come as equals and not as experts.  They come to journey beside you and not at you.  It’s one of the more obvious ways this is a new form of “personal development”

Your own small team of fellow adventurers

They’re committed to you and your journey as you are committed to theirs, individually as well as the shared experiences.

You explore with them, support them, get accountability with them, have regular video chats with them, get some feedback from them… 

It is camaraderie and companionship, support and challenge.  It is having adventure partners and a shoulder to cry on.  It is a connection in a separated world.  

The new "Course 2.0" - it's not a course at all

If you want more courses and modules and step-by-step instructions, you won’t find it here.  

What you’ll find is immersive learning.  Experiments in creating spaces for you to explore ideas in new and unique ways.

It’s learning by doing.  It’s small victories.  It’s exploring different perspectives. It’s finding YOUR “how to” manual.

It’s true to you and your unique path.

Daily accountability - Daily adventure

We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes so that you are supported every single day.  

We do not demand that your life cave to us, but we do make sure that you are seen, heard, and accounted for.  

We want to make it easy for you to stay on track because it’s… more fun.  It’s about a lifetime of growth.

It’s the holistic adventure - mind, body, soul

We do not believe in limits.  We believe in the holistic – because that’s the reality: we do not have just a mind or just a heart or just a soul.

We are all of it.  That is where our superpowers come from: the dance of all of it.

So we explore all of it

Exploring taking action as your authentic self

It’s why we don’t teach methods or have “one way.”  We are not an ideology with a right way and a wrong way.  

We are creators of opportunity to find your way.  

By exposing you to more than just a single way, you have the chance and freedom to explore what works for you… empowering your way even amongst the collective.

And when you’re empowered to take action based on your own path?

Confidence, depth, authenticity, and YOU.

We help you face fear, conquer fear, embrace fear

Fear is a house of cards: as one falls many more fall with it.  

It’s why embracing the adventurous spirit is a must.

The goal is to grow… so how can you grow if you don’t face your fear?  It’s the problem with an industry that coddles you and tries to avoid anything “sharp.”

That’s not life.  You know it and we know it.  Growth is embracing the fear.  So we help you embrace the fear. 

Developing comfort with the unknown

Life is uncertain, chaotic, and fully rooted in the unknown.  Pretending otherwise is one of the greater disservices we can do to ourselves.  

But developing a certain comfort and acceptance is how we say “yes and” to life.

That’s why we like to surprise.  We like to lead without telling you what is coming.  We want to keep you on your toes in a way that makes you giggle with excitement.

A shared community experience rooted in your individual adventure

We are a unity of unique individuals – our shared purpose is one fundamentally rooted in collective growth… but not at the sacrifice of who you are and what you want to be in life.  

“Group think” is the enemy of humanity’s progress.  And any time we see anything resembling that… we’ll disrupt it.  

Our purpose is the offering a collective song from a choir diverse voices.

It’s Communal Personal Development.  Or Personal Communal Development.  Or both.  We’ll see.

The excitement of building something new

It’s not just the excitement of being a part of something bigger than yourself.  We often talk about that.  

But the excitement of being a part of something bigger than yourself… that you helped build… that is the goal.  

That is the experience of being alive in a community of internal explorers.

Exploring alternative perspectives

There are many ways to look at any one thing – and often we think we must choose one perspective in order to have our own identity.  

But in reality, it is the willingness and joy of exploring new perspectives that allows us to truly find comfort and rootedness in what we ultimately find to be “our” way.  

It is freeing ourselves from needing to “commit” in order to feel like we have an identity.

Experience authentic freedom

I’m an improvisational experimental musician. It means I make the music up on the spot and will follow any sound that comes to me… even if it’s dissonant, ugly, or “out of tune.”

Playing improvised experimental music in a group of experimental musicians is all about pursuing the collective experience of freedom.  

When you don’t start with a structure, a direction, or an idea of what “should” be – you are able to experience true authentic freedom – where you have absolutely no idea what note comes next, yet you can choose any note you want… and it will work

Experience a life of creativity even if you think you're "not creative"

If finding your path, your voice, and showing up as yourself is important… then the only way there is through creativity, innovation and fearlessness.  

It is not found through a book or someone else’s ideas.  They can help and inform.  And we embrace that.

But ultimately, it’s your soul’s creative instincts that will help decide what your authentic path is. 

It’s not found by following a proven step-by-step system.  It’s found by co-creating it with yourself and your environment

What's Included:


built on individual voices and tight-knit crews where the community experience is all about having experiences. It’s not about hanging out. It’s about coming together ready to explore together



A new tight-knit crew of intimate companions, a group of adventurers to explore with, a family that’s got your back, and fellow astronauts that would never let you float off into space



Led by fascinating and sometimes “famous” minds, you and your team will hop on video and experience a guided journey through an idea or opportunity. It’s about action, not sitting there listening and taking notes


Tools for the adventure

This will be a growing collection of tools to help you on your journey. We’re still exploring what that means, but we’re starting with an expansive collection of hypnosis recordings from the unique voice of Dr. Steve G. Jones



Your private mission control, adventure guides, and tool makers. We show up. We abandon the curtains we hide behind. You’ll find us in the community, along for the ride of a lifetime.



This is our candy: Designing and developing new spaces that offer you a new experience-driven exploration of yourself, new ideas, new techniques, new opportunities… anything worthy


How it begins:

STEP ONE: Sign up for $7 a month

No extra fees, no surprises.  If you don’t like it, cancel.  If your first month is no good, we’ll give you your money back.  Simple and straightforward. 

STEP TWO: Take the "disruption challenge"

Before you enter the community, you take the challenge. Consider it a fun way to prove to yourself (and us) that you’re ready for something new.  We give you a few options of ridiculous, fun, and/or thought-provoking ways to challenge yourself.

STEP THREE: The doors to the community open

We want to start with a bang: During this beginning phase, we’re going to open the doors in waves.  This way a whole group of adventurers is joining at the same time.  So after completing your challenge, we’ll let you know when your turn will be coming and we’ll make sure you’re engaged and excited while you wait…

STEP FOUR: Introduce yourself... in a new way

We don’t want basic introductions.  We want deep and thoughtful introductions.  So we will be present a series of deep and thoughtful questions to answer about yourself.  You can pick a few or answer them all.  The purpose is to not just introduce yourself, but help you find the people you want to a team with.

STEP FIVE: Kick-off video hang

This will be your chance to meet us and for us to meet you.  We’ll tell more of the story, explain what’s in it for you, and give you your first taste of what we mean by “immersive experiences”

STEP SIX: You build your band of companions

Each team will have its own private chat and video “room” that you can enter at any time.  However, we will be encouraging everyone to meet at least once a week for guided experiences and accountability.  If you have people you want to pair up with, let us know.  Otherwise, we’ll be helping the match-making process.

STEP SEVEN: The adventure begins...

While our plan is for every step to be a growth adventure and an exciting ride… once the teams are in place, the real adventure begins.  We’ll begin opening up new opportunities and experiences as fast as we can build them and test them.

Meet Your New "Life Support" Team



Facilitator of Architecture And Data Storytelling



Facilitator of Voice And Beginnings



Facilitator Of Spirals Upon Spirals Upon Beautiful Spirals

United States


Facilitator Of Full Stack Dancing Code



Facilitator Of People, Ideas And Order



Facilitator of Strategy, Tactics, And Dominant Resonant Emotions



Facilitator Of Butterflies And Smiles



Facilitator Of Relentless Support And Truth

The Philippines


Facilitator Of Human Sunshine And Designed Development

El Salvador


Facilitator Of Cascading Functions And Harmonious Movement

The Philippines


Facilitator Of Ideas, People and Chaos

United States


Facilitator Of Ideas Developing People


Coming soon:

Joe Vitale Kicks Off Our First Live Experience

The brilliant Joe Vitale will join us all live as he guides us through an adventurous immersion into something he’s never done before… and you’ve never done before.  

A Morning Check-In To Empower Your Day

Part accountability, part self-awareness, part embracing where you are… and how to proceed.

For me, the morning check-in with my team is one of the most valuable ways for me to start my day… and make it a day I can feel brilliant about.  

We’re almost finished with a truly experimental tool: a guided “chat bot” that checks in with you each morning, helps you check in with yourself, gives you a question to root yourself in, and if you want, a small growth action to take.

A Carnival Of Growth Experiences

When you enter the carnival, you’re presented with dozens of unique experiences… whether the Hall of Mirrors or the ball pit or the bumper cars.

Our version of this is the creation of unique, playful, experimental spaces where you go to experience and explore an idea, a challenge, or a concept… each one with a unique twist.

Before you join us:

We are looking for a certain kind of person.

We have an “ideal candidate” to join us in this first phase. This is not bullshit exclusivity.  In truth, this is the platform for everyone.

But to start, we’re looking for those who are ready to step up.  Specifically:

You’re willing to embrace your adventurous side
You’re willing to show up and commit to the experience
You’re willing to be there for the community as they are for you
You’re willing to face your fears (even if it takes you time)

You’re ready for accountability
You’re ready for camaraderie
You’re ready for authenticity
You’re ready for whatever might come

You’re not an asshole 

Is that you? If so...

Are you ready?

(yes, that’s our product “image.” If you want to know what it actually looks like, join us and see)



$ 7  Month
  • A Community Of Growth Adventurers
  • Your Own Team Of Private Companions
  • Our Team Of Misfits Devoted To You
  • Immersive Growth Experiences
  • Immersive Growth Experiences
  • Live Virtual "Guided Immersions"
  • Personal Development 2.0


$ 70  Year
  • Two Months Free
  • A Community Of Growth Adventurers
  • Your Own Team Of Private Companions
  • Our Team Of Misfits Devoted To You
  • Immersive Growth Experiences
  • Immersive Growth Experiences
  • Live Virtual "Guided Immersions"
  • Personal Development 2.0


Imagine waking up one day and suddenly you have a community of life adventurers, accountability and support, a constant stream of immersive explorations into your personal growth, a “support team” for your life’s journey, where everyone is equal, including the “gurus”, and where everything is about you, not us.  We’re here to serve you, not us.

The vision is for everyone.  And one day, it will be.  For now, it’s for everyone who is willing to set off on an adventure… and secretly loves the idea of not knowing what’s coming next…

This is not about a time commitment. It’s about committing to the journey, to yourself, and to your community… in whatever way works for you.  If you don’t check in for a minute, we’ll check in with you.  But we’re not pushing expectations onto you… besides being present and showing up however you can.


However, we’ll say this: the time you invest is to make better use of the rest of the time you’re alive.  It all connects.  And we’ll make sure it’s worth every minute.

If you’re asking about a money back guarantee – we’ll happily give you 60 days to try it out.  If it’s not for you… or not for you now… we’re not going to take your money.

But our real guarantee: We guarantee to show up, to focus on you, to be authentic, and to help you reach heights you can’t on your own.  We guarantee to focus on your entire lifetime of growth, not just these moments you share with us.

We guarantee we’ll be present.

For 15 years, I’ve been designing and publishing personal development courses. 

I’m also aware of when people succeeded and when we failed to deliver.  I know what works and I know what could work better.

But we’re not your teachers.  We’re not claiming to have all the answers.  That’s not the point.

We’re here as facilitators: to create the space, the community, and the support you need to do whatever it is that you were meant to do.  

Ultimately, if you disagree, just tell us and we’ll return your money.  

But my hope? You just have a feeling… and if that feeling says “yes” then that’s your answer.

It’s not another facebook group.  We’re actually using a really innovative piece of software to host the community on our own site.  So everything is connected.  Think of it like what you sometimes wish facebook secretly was…

Nope.  We have our big community in one space, and then we have a separate place on our site where you’ll access your small teams.  There you will find a shared live chat (think a group Whatsapp chat) and a way to start a video/audio call at any time.

Depending on when you join, it could be less than a week or less than a day.  We will be making it happen as often as possible.  But we’ll make sure you’re… engaged while you wait 🙂

At least once a month, but honestly, as often as we can (because we want to participate too!)  No guarantees beyond once a month.

If you want to learn a language, would you learn faster (and have more fun) going to the country and having to speak? Or would you learn better in a classroom?

Research says the immersion works better… and it’s more fun.

So think of it like that.  Beyond that, you’ll have to wait and find out…

There will always be recordings available… and we’ll work on making those recordings as close to the real experience as possible.  And if you find the times are generally not convenient, let us know and we’ll explore other options together.

No problem.  SImply reach out and let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you, whether that’s pausing or cancelling.  If you cancel, you will have access until your active period ends, whether that’s through the monthly or yearly plan

We want to cut out the greed and make it about you and not the money.

But our approach? To make a better business model… so that even the greedy people start focusing on you.

We want to prove that focusing on how much lifetime value YOU get is far greater than the financial return.

But our hypothesis? In the end, it will be more “profitable” than the greedy way.

This may be deeply controversial with my “peers.”  I may burn some bridges. If so, so be it.  It’ll tell us who’s in it for the right reasons and who’s in it just for the money.

  1. Build a silent movement of adventurous seekers who can shake up a world stuck in its own loops
  2. Build a model that disrupts the status quo and replaces greed with care.
  3. Focus on knowledge turning into action and action turning into a lifetime of results
  4. Create unique, inventive, experimental, and wildly enjoyable growth immersions and adventurous experiences

This is a Statbrook Studio Production.  If you need support or have questions, contact us here.