You Are More Than What Most People Call "Musicians."

You Are Not Your Technique, Your Years Playing, Your Collection Of Licks, Or Your Favorite Musicians

You Are Not What Style You Play, What Music You Listen To, Or What School You Did Or Didn't Go To.

If You Choose To Be, You Can Be The Future Music Needs. We Want To Get You There.




Creative Music Workshop

A New Initiative From Creative Music Studio


A Musician Self-Actualized Through Creative Music Can Inspire A Community.


But A Movement Of Self Actualized Musicians Can Transform Humanity.

Just As Music History Has Influenced Human History, The Future Of Creative Music Can Influence The Future Our Collective Story.

You Can Become A Musician Who Shapes This Creative Future

We are not teaching musicians how to play music. We are training musicians to become the future of creative music. We are training creators of future music.

We want each musician who joins us to become masters of their own sound, innovators on their instruments, and champions of new creative music the world has never heard.

We don’t care how “well” you play or how “good” your technique is. Style doesn’t matter. What school you went to doesn’t matter. How long you’ve played doesn’t matter.

What matters is your desire to experience new dimensions of your music. What matters is your desire to see what you’re truly capable of.

Because what we want to share will set any musician… beginner or virtuoso… on the path of legendary creative music:

What's Inside:

Online Masterclasses Taught By Legendary Musicians

Full access to hours of masterclasses anywhere, anytime, and at any pace you want, however many times you want.

Intimate one-on-one style, with access to some teachers who don't "teach" one-on-one lessons.

Learn from their success, failures, stories, playing, mindset, approach, and overall spirit in their music.

Access To Our Ongoing LIVE Streaming Masterclass Series

Participate, interact, ask questions, and play with our guiding artists.

Hang out with guiding artists who are perpetually on the cutting edge of new creating music.

The closest you can get to experiencing our legendary in-person workshops from wherever you are.

The Quick Kick Video Series Giving You Profound Yet Digestible Ideas

Start your day or your practice session with a quick video inspiration from a legendary musician.

Ideas designed to stick on you, stay with you, and perpetually inspire you.

Even with a busy day and no time to practice, these short bursts can still push you further forward.

A Community Of Other Musicians Growing Alongside You

Find ideas, ask questions, get feedback, and share the experience together.

Our live workshops are famous for their feel of community, respect, and absolutely no judgement.

Join us on the ground floor and help shape the direction and intention of this brand new community.

Creative Music Studio Archive Access

Stream music that from over 50 years of live performances from the CMS campus.

Listen to music only heard by those who were present for the live performance.

A constantly growing collection with music from musicians and artists that have already changed the history of music.

A Living, Breathing, Growing Experience

Our mission isn't static. Neither is this platform. It will grow and evolve as we discover new ways to turn you into a champion of creative music.

New masterclasses, new live masterclasses, new music to stream, and new opportunities for growth will constantly be added.

We don't hide behind these screens. We are there with you, and you are there at the table with us.

We've Been Doing This Successfully For Almost 50 Years. But This Is New...

For almost 50 years, Creative Music Studio has made legendary musicians. But what makes legendary musicians... legendary? How do they create music that bewitches an audience? Why are they written into the history books?

The answer sparked the revolution of the Creative Music Studio in 1971. It remains the lifeblood of our mission to this day.

We believe the secrets behind legendary creative music should never be hidden. The musicians of today need it in their hands. They must be transformed by it. And the music we listen to must be touched by it.

Who are we? We are the sum total of the brilliant musician minds who have led our workshops, sat on our advisory boards, guided our path

Anthony Braxton, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Lee Konitz, Don Cherry, John Cage, Cecil Taylor, Dave Holland, Carla Bley, Wadada Leo Smith, Baba Olatunji, Roscoe Mitchell, Pat Metheny, George Lewis, Nana Vasconcelos, Foday Musa Suso, Oliver Lake, Paulo Moura, Ismet Siral, Allen Ginsberg, Aiyb Dieng, Steve Coleman, Hamid Drake, Adam Rudolph, Pauline Oliveros, Fabian Almazan, Hassan Hakmoun, Vijay Iyer, Dave Douglas, John Medeski, Henry Threadgill, Joe Lovano, Don Byron, Tyshawn Sorey, Marty Ehrlich, John Hollenbeck, Badal Roy, Tony Malaby, Cyro Baptista, Marilyn Crispell, Jason Hwang, Kurt Knuffke, Kenny Wessel, Steve Gorn, Mark Helias, Tom Rainey, Thomas Buckner, Judi Silvano, Harvey Sorgen, Tani Tabbal, Ken Filiano, Omar Tamez, Warren Smith, Amir ElSaffar and many others

But we have never taken our efforts online. This is the first time anyone, anywhere can experience what we've been sharing in person for almost five decades. You are a part of the new history we are paving together.


By joining us today, you are joining the vanguard crew. You will be with us from the start of this groundbreaking initiative. Beyond your desire to learn, grow, and master creative music, we ask you to participate, join the conversation, give us feedback, and have patience as we grow together.

To say thank you, instead of the $197 yearly membership the general public will invest, that same one-time investment will not only support our shared mission, but get you access to everything FOR LIFE.

It is our way of saying thank you for your support, for your desire to grow as a creative musician, and for the progressive vision you share.

Welcome to the family.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you decide this isn't for you or are unhappy for any reason, we are not going to hold onto your investment if you're not going to use the platform. Shoot us an email within 60-days and let us know, and we'll return 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

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