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However, if you would like to get a digital replay, you can reserve your copy below

are you a musician wanting to learn from the masters?

or A music lover who wants a taste of the creative life?

Introducing the first ever Creative music workshop live

Medeski martin & wood: revealed

the online workshop

* go inside their creative process

* how they developed a breakthrough sound

* behind the scenes of their underground start

Starting October 28

5 wednesdays * 90 minute sessions

the music mind experience

karl berger

* tap into the intuition of listening and playing

* rediscover the roots of true sound experience

* for musicians to play less and listeners to hear more

With Ingrid Sertso

13 Masters Of Creative Music

8 Live Online Workshops

Over 5 weeks

inside the minds * outside the lines - 5 sessions

the music mind experience for listeners and musicians

Forró and Beyond * With Gil Oliveira & Felipe Hostins

Creative Improvisation And Opening Your Music


You Do What You Do While You're Doing It

Improvisational Stretching & Expanding Possibility

Moving From The Mechanical To The Creative


MMW: Inside The Minds Outside The Lines * 5 Week Workshop

$ 75
  • Learn about the creative process according to Medeski Martin & Wood
  • Inside dirt, insight, trials and tribulations never shared before
  • How to think outside the lines in music, in collaborations, in creativity, and in life
  • Lessons from the mind and heart of MMW
  • Interact, ask questions, and go deep with them inside their unique approach to music

The Music Mind Experience With Karl Berger And Ingrid Sertso

$ 75
  • Transform how you listen and play music
  • Explore your musical intuition
  • Get to the roots of what connect all music together
  • Increase your confidence in your unique sound
  • Deepen your ability to hear subtlety and nuance
  • How to explore the depths of individual expression
  • Learn what Karl calls "infinite creative music"

Live Sessions With Master Musicians Inside The Creative Music Studio

$ 75
  • Cyro Baptista, Gil Oliveira, Felipe Hostins - Forró and Beyond
  • Fay Victor - Creative Improvisation And Opening Your Music
  • Peter Apfelbaum - Improvisational Stretching & Expanding Possibility
  • Ken Filiano - Moving From The Mechanical To The Creative
  • Steven Bernstein - You Do What You Do While You're Doing It
  • Dave Fiuczynski - Microtones

Or get access to all 3:

meet your host:

creative music foundation

The Creative Music Foundation was founded in 1971 by musicians Karl Berger, Ingrid Sertso and Ornette Coleman. Our initial advisory board was eclectic. Composer John Cage, conductor/musician Gil Evans, philosopher/ educator Buckminster Fuller, composer George Russell, and composer/conductor Gunther Schuller.

Our focus: Improvisation and musical cross-pollination.

We were a non profit education outfit where the universal language of music could be explored and expanded. We called it the Creative Music Studio, or CMS.

Today we’re still doing it. The same workshops adapted for these times. Alongside new experiments, like this site: Creative Music Workshop.


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