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You Are More Than What Most People Call "Musicians."

You Are Not Your Technique, Your Years Playing, Your Collection Of Licks, Or Your Favorite Musicians

You Are Not What Style You Play, What Music You Listen To, Or What School You Did Or Didn't Go To.

You Are Untapped, Unique, Legendary Creative Music Material. Tapping Into That Is What We Do.

For 49 Years, Musical Giants From Around The World Guided Our Participants To Breakthroughs In Their Sound And Style.

Our Teaching Method Created Legends. New Genres Of Music Came From Our Campus.

Now We Want To Make Our Impact Here, With You, Online.

And Together We Can Build A Movement Of Creative Musicians Breaking New Ground




Creative Music Workshop

A New Initiative From Creative Music Studio

A Musician Self-Actualized Through Creative Music Can Inspire A Community.


But A Community Of Self Actualized Musicians Can Transform Humanity.

Legendary music has a shape.

There are reasons some music won't move any needle and some music becomes legendary.

Everything we do is built with that shape.

You don't think or talk like anybody else. Why play like anybody else?

Because we're trained to.

We "untrain" you and show you how to step into your own authentic sound.

Then you can finally say what only you can say. Even if you're not yet sure of what you have to say.

It doesn't matter if every breath is music or if music is only one of your passions.

You can make legendary music "part time."

All you really need to start is a little curiosity about what you're actually capable of.

We help you break down blocks like caring how well you play, how long you've played, or how good your technique is.

You can make legendary music with "bad" technique.

First we get you dialed into the "Music Mind."

Our Core Philosophy: The Nine Beating Hearts Of Legendary Creative Musicians

Explore How We Do It

Creative Music Workshops

Starting with over 3 hours of training in 61 Lessons, dive deep into your playing, your mindset, and your journey towards creative mastery.

But this is just the beginning. More full workshops are scheduled to be released, keeping you growing and engaged as much as you want, for as long as you want

Quick Inspiration Series

The concept is simple: In these 28 "lightening round" training videos contain one big idea that takes 1-3 minutes to watch.

One big idea that makes an impact.

Whether you don't have much time, or you are looking to dig into one concept for the moment, these training videos deliver a punch in a small package.

CMW Live

This is the closest you can get to experiencing the unique feel of our legendary New York workshops without being here.

Using a state-of-the-art platform, we created an environment where you can easily participate, interact, ask questions, and even play with our guiding artists.

And because we're not limited by location, we can bring you musicians, artists, and thinkers from around the world, live.

Every live class will be recorded and available for on-demand replay, even if you couldn't make it.

Creative Music Studio Archives

Ideas are powerful. Ideas in action are profound. The core ideas that define our Creative Music Studio experience can be heard in 5 decades worth of recordings.

You will be listening to music and interviews that, with little exception, have only been heard by those who were either present or within the organization.

All music will be available in a private SoundCloud stream that you can subscribe to and take with you on the go.

CMW Community

A community for new ideas, for asking questions, getting feedback, talking about training, exploring music... together.
Our live workshops are famous for their feel of community, respect, and absolutely no judgement.

This is the spirit we bring to our online community And by joining us at this beginning stage, you are joining in the creation of this community.

Your impact will be felt and appreciated as we grow this together.

Meet Your Guiding Artists

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By joining us today, you are joining the vanguard crew. You will be with us from the start of this groundbreaking initiative. Beyond your desire to learn, grow, and master creative music, we ask you to participate, join the conversation, give us feedback, and have patience as we grow together.

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It is our way of saying thank you for your support, for your desire to grow as a creative musician, and for the progressive vision you share. Click the button below and elcome to the family.

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